We help people and organizations make better friends with their brains.

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Collaborative Intelligence

We provide collaborative intelligence tools with global reach.

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PSI Communications

Collaborative Intelligence Tools with Global Reach

You've heard that new science discoveries about brain plasticity tell us we can become smarter at any age. But do you know how to take advantage of this? We do.

PSI invites you to learn the tools that make a difference. Jump-start your brain by balancing your PQ + EQ + IQ

PQ: High physical awareness can bump up your smarts. How do you gain acuity, take in MORE information of the kind you really need, and change your physical state?

EQ: How do you read and respond to signals accurately, whether from inside you, or outside? How do you de-code the the ones you get, and manage those you send? Select effective states of mind, create a new menu of more useful states, and learn to shift gears swiftly if you get "stuck".

IQ: Make friends with your whole brain; get curious, find out how you really learn, then use new skills to call up your talents exactly when you want. We use different parts of our brains for different tasks. Can you make the switch?

The big gains come when you learn to balance all three kinds of intelligence. This happens faster when you practice with others in a safe playful place with friendly teachers who understand the science behind the new tools.


JUMP start your intelligence at our PSI Communications NLP Modeling Practitioners Certification! Learn Collaborative Intelligence Tools and certify in NLP Modeling. Our methods are tested in cross cultural environments.

Join us next July 2013 and certify with us on the  Paris Summer Institute!


Along with our Certified Trainings at PSI we have a wealth of experience and skills that we offer for the following activities and services:
  • Cross cultural communications and team building
  • Create your own Body Language ~ Business Card
  • Conference and meeting design and facilitation
  • Executive coaching
  • Video feedback training; one-on-one and for your team
  • Team building
  • Policy development
  • Design of communications materials, branding, strategic positioning


An important part of our being human has to do with our professional activities. The quality of our interactions and mutual understanding are key elements in making the work more satisfying.

At PSI Communications we can help you to understand the "rules of the game" for others, and to create your own. You can have fun and succeed at the same time!

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Executive Coaching 

Enhance your PQ + EQ + IQ


Professional understanding with colleagues and partners starts with self-understanding.

With the correct comprehension of your own values and talents you can become more efficient and happy about your work. As you clarify your own understanding, this widens your opportunities and helps you appreciate how to deal elegantly with the differences of others.

We provide coaching for individuals and teams with discretion and confidentiality to fulfill your personal and organizational goals.
Our executive coaching programs focus on collaborative intelligence for teams, and specific skills for individuals. Learn to:

  • Empower your PQ (communicate better with your body and reboost your energy)

  • Enhance your EQ (develop your Social Intelligence)

  • Enhance your IQ (unblock your talents, even your genius)

  • Create and access useful, resourceful states (accurately identify and manage your physical, emotional and mental states)

  • Motivate yourself and others effectively (learn what works best for you, and how to discover what works for your colleagues)

  • Make time work for you, not against you. Avoid being overwhelmed. Discover a new way to set priorities and keep them in focus

  • Quickly understand cultural differences so you can build new connections

  • Make your best decisions… fast (how do you get into your best state for making new choices?)

  • Make great presentations – gain confidence in speaking. (We offer video – feedback and quick coaching when you are on deadline for a special project)

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Our Collaborative Intelligence Tools: Modeling Excellence


The skills and models you learn with us are based on current neuroscience; our trainers and associates have solid experience in science, as well as tested skills in advanced communications.

What do we mean by "modeling"?

Models can be used to explain how something works. Models can also be used to explain how someone behaves. For example, you can find out why "he" is motivated to go to the gym every day and you aren't.

To model is to discover WHICH elements in a certain situation are crucial for better functioning.  Once you understand this, you can transfer to a new situation or person.

How this works: if someone has a skill in leadership or is excellent in social situations, you can "model" what they do, learn how they do it, and apply this.

Most human learning involves modeling -- copying something useful. It's a natural process, but sometimes slow, and not very conscious. At PSI we teach SPECIFIC MODELING skills so you can speed up the process and learn what you want easily and efficiently. Knowing how to model also helps you decide to cut out steps that don't get you to your goals. You eliminate things that are blocking you from your best.

Our Collaborative Intelligence tools help you learn from the best, most effective people in any field, with immediate measurable results.

What NLP does best is ask "what works" and then seeks the answer. In our NLP certifications we emphasize how to model and apply useful skills.

At PSI, our trainings are constantly evolving to stay fresh, relevant and practical. We use the most effective methods -- tested in a cross cultural environment. What you learn has been updated to include new understandings from neuroanatomy, psycholinguistics and other scientific research. Here are some of our approaches:


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IQ: How do you set goals that energize your life? (Full day program)

Which goals do you really want? Which goals truly motivate you? Who decided they were important? Today, thanks to current brain science, we have new information about goal setting. Find out why you procrastinate about certain goals!


We teach these new tools and methods at business schools, corporations, and foundations. And we share them in our regular community programs.